THE Gold and Royalty Double Play

Photo: THE Gold and Royalty Double Play

Investors and traders are piling into the gold markets.

Today I’m going to share with you a gold and royalty double play on my radar.

This is one company that you need to take a look at.
And, I carefully vet the mining companies that come across my desk.

I believe we are in the early stages of a legendary gold bull market cycle.

And owning gold royalty companies can give you amazing leverage in rising gold markets.

There are still a handful of gold companies out there that are severely undervalued.

Our spotlight company gives you both the highway and the toll booth on 14 gold projects across the Americas.

This team scooped up these assets during the last gold bear market and waited patiently for the tides to turn.

I think we are primed for unprecedented amounts of capital to move into the gold mining sector, and when it does you’d better have your money already onboard.

Cambridge House Spotlight:

GoldMining Inc. (TSX: GOLD OTC: GLDLF)

Getting your hands on a junior gold company with over 11 million ounces gold in the measured and indicated categories and close to 14 million ounces gold in the inferred category globally across its projects is becoming harder and harder to do.

It’s currently getting more expensive to get these types of projects.

As gold prices improve the market tilts towards sellers – just the way GoldMining (TSX: GOLD) planned it.

GoldMining Bought When Bears Roamed the Streets

GoldMining did the smart thing by acquiring lots of projects with established resource estimates and sizable deposits when the gold market was dull.

This puts their assets in a highly sought-after position.

It’s now on average much cheaper for gold majors to buy companies to replace their gold resources, rather than trying to explore and develop on their own:

The savvy investments that GoldMining made could pay dividends down the road if gold prices continue their current trajectory.

No one really took notice of their smart moves when gold prices were down.

They kept on bringing in more and more ounces of resources to their project portfolio, building their arsenal.

As markets have been improving, they further setup themselves by announcing an even smarter move – to set up a SubCo, Gold Royalty Corp. that holds royalty assets on 14 of GoldMining's projects.

That gives them even more flexibility to unlock every ounce of shareholder value.

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Jay Martin