What Have I Done With This Time?

Photo: What Have I Done With This Time?

In my little town of Squamish, BC, vaccines are rolling out. My physiotherapist, RMT and chiropractor have all gotten their shots as front line health care workers. Surprisingly, my reaction to the world re-opening is not relief. It is a mix of urgency... and possibly anxiety?

Did I do enough with this time? Did I build enough? I feel like it is the last quarter of the year and I am staring my outstanding goals in the face... rushing to get everything done before the deadline.

Additionally, I have questions.

As the world re-opens, are we going to witness the economic boom of our lifetime? Or - have we yet to feel the true impact of the globally mandated recession... and a multi-national sovereign debt crisis.

My guess? Both.

I never believe binary answers, so I am doing my best to dig out the variable outcomes. In December and January, I gathered over 100 forecasts from some of the best macro finance personalities, money managers and economists and published these interviews on our YouTube Channel. If you dig into any of these forecasts you will find two similarities - everybody got some things right, and everybody got some things wrong.

Q1 has been a surprise. So to wrap up the quarter I am hosting the Q1 Wrap Party on our YouTube Channel on Sunday, March 28. We will be revisiting our forecasts, identifying where we were right, where we were wrong, and adjusting our portfolios accordingly.

At the Q1 Wrap Party I will be hosting:

Steven Van Metre
President of Steven Van Metre Financial

Willem Middelkoop
Founder of the Commodity Discovery Fund

Warren Gilman
Chairman & CEO of Queen's Road Capital

Lyn Alden
Founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategies

Daniella Cambone
Editor-at-Large and Anchor at Stansberry Research

Peter Schiff
CEO of Euro Pacific Capital

Rick Rule
President and CEO, Sprott US Holdings Inc.

Frank Curzio
Host of the top business podcast, Wall Street Unplugged

David Morgan
Founder of The Morgan Report

Jeff Clarke
Senior Precious Metals Analyst, GoldSilver.com

And a hand-full more...

Sunday, March 28 on our YouTube Channel.

Behind the scenes, we are working on some other projects...

I just signed a contract for our first physical event in over a year :)

South Beach, Miami, here we come... (September)

The Disruptive Tech Summit is coming in April - identifying the industries that benefited the most from COViD19, and the early stage investment opportunities that were born out of this (hopefully) once in a lifetime scenario.

As always, we published a ton of video content this week, here are a few of my favourites for you to enjoy this weekend:

"The Gold Market Hasn't Peaked" - Lobo Tiggre

Uranium Is the Most Asymmetric Bet in The Resource Industry Today - Justin Huhn

Peter Thiel Just Bought 5% Of This Penny Stock - Dirk Harbecke

It's Friday, go for the Win.