Did Big Banks Leave Retail Investors Holding the Bag?

Photo: Did Big Banks Leave Retail Investors Holding the Bag?

I hosted the crowd favourite and legendary trader Gareth Soloway on the show this week. He was an absolute blast to speak with. It’s refreshing interviewing investors with styles that differ from mine. Gareth is a swing trader, usually in and out of positions within a week or two.

We compared our investing framework and the importance of habits. I’ve developed a handful of key rules that guide my decision making in the markets - rule number 1, is Habit - determining how much time on a daily basis I can dedicate to my portfolio with unfailing consistency.

Determining how much time I have on a consistent basis determines what kind of investor I should be. My rhythm is 5:30am - 8am, Monday to Friday. It's not obsessive, but allows me to stay on top of the macro trends and small cap opportunities. When life gets crazy and I lack more than a few hours a week, I won’t even look at deal flow, knowing I haven’t put in the time to support a thesis.

Too frequently investors are sporadic with their portfolio habits - but a portfolio is as healthy as the time you spend on it. Slow, steady, compounding growth is what I pursue.

Fascinating timing on this interview, as Gareth and I debated our strategy for the next 30-50% bitcoin correction, 24 hours before the massive pullback.

Gareth is also a gold bull and explains his thesis for USD $2900 price target.

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Despite the recent crypto crash the industry will keep moving forward. When I look at the variety of exchanges taking investors money I am reminded of the Cannabis market in 2017 - entrepreneurs had moved faster than regulators - it was a wild west scenario. Eventually regulation caught up and the businesses that secured licensing ended up in a winner take all scenario. Crypto exchanges have moved in a similar direction. Canadian based Netcoins is leading the charge towards regulation - I caught up with the President and Chairman last week.

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The last video I will share is the one that I am the most excited about - even though my audience doesn’t agree… yet.

I was joined by Dr. William Seeds, one of the world's foremost thought leaders in cellular medicine. Dr. Seeds is a board-certified surgeon, Founder and Chairman of the International Peptide Society, and leading Peptide therapy researcher. He has been honoured at the NFL Hall of Fame for his medical expertise in treating professional athletes, and serves as Professional Medical Consultant for the NHL, MBL, NBA, and NBC’s Dancing With The Stars.

In this video we dive deep into some of the most disruptive breakthroughs in functional medicine. Much more on this subject to come...

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